Scott Thomas - Design Director of New Media, Obama for America

If you get the chance i suggest you take a look in to the work of Mr Scott Thomas.

Scott was the Digital Design Director behind the Obama for America campaign. His design work formed a key part in the Obama election campaign and has gained international praise from all sides of the media. He has a beautifully simple approach to design and even his biog impresses me...

"Scott Thomas (or SimpleScott) is constantly trying to invent the next great thing. Whether spending hours in his seventh floor garage or relaxing in a breezy park, Scott's mind is filling with new thoughts that might just someday change the world. He all too often gets too caught up in the spacing of letters or the placement of a door to finish any of these grand ideas. Things have recently began looking up for Scott, his first invention the portable toilet seat cover will be hitting the market next quarter."

He is currently writing a book on his part in the Obama campaign and how then presidential candidate used branding and digital to aid his rise in popularity. I will be buying this book and reading it over and over until the pages fall out. I've been overwhelmed by how good the Obama campaign has worked at reaching a younger demographic and i can't wait to hear more from Scott on the topic.

You can watch highlights from one of his recent presentations