Why Brawn GP needs Preview

Over the years i've become a big fan of the Brackley based team (formerly HondaF1). They have been on my client wishlist for a number of years.
But now, more than ever, they need my agency!
I know that sounds fat headed - they are currently leading the championship and attracting global sponsors - but at the moment thier identity is not living up to the team's massive achievments. There is no doubt that Brawn GP has shaken the F1 field by it's neck and made all of the teams sit up and take note. But anyone who is backing the team (via the BBC's coverage or at the track) gets very little back from the brand. At no point is the Brawn GP marketing team engaging fans and potential recruits with its communications.

So what the heck can my agency do for Brawn GP?
and what makes you better suited than any other agency?

It's no secret that in order to survive the team has had to shed a large chunk of its resource (including some of my friends), so the branding and marketing capabilities are likely to have been reduced. And rightly so, as getting to the races and getting results was the key to surviving, but beyond this first part of the season the profile of the team needs to be raised and the momentum needs to be maintained. This is where i come in!

Over the years Preview has developed a uniquely strategic approach to delivering brand campaigns. Further to that we know how to demonstrate a return on marketing budgets.
We will put together a brand campaign that meets the team's objectives and puts the foundations in place for future success.

Because we are not an oversized London based agency we can form around our client's budgets and flex our production and contracts to suit our client's needs.

What's all this marketing bollocks about?
I'm talking about the website and designing news ways for motorsport fans to support the team and new ways for media to access key information to boost PR efforts. I'm talking about creating an easy to use toolbox of graphic assets for merchandising companies and livery specialists to correctly apply the colours and logo. I'm talking about using GPS on mobile to provide up to the second information on the team's progress and the drivers pre race build up. I'm talking about developing sponsorship packs that talk to potential and new sponsors on a level that will allow them to understand what their investments will bring.

Most of all i'm talking about taking a designer with a passion for Formula 1 (that's me) and giving him the chance to work alongside the team and find new ways to give BrawnGP the identity and brand it now deserves.

I'm ready to begin when you are. You know where to find me.