Drink beer and shop like a woman?

I saw this story via @WolffOlins

"By offering in-store drinks, a growing number of retailers are trying to get men to shop more like women"

So a chain of bloke's clothes shops in the US have installed free bars in order to make men hang around and buy more, after they've had a few beers presumably.

So the strategy is 'get them a bit pissed and they'll buy more' - i can't see what could possibly go wrong with that! Not exactly a new tactic, pubs and clubs have been doing it for decades. But it would seem the team behind the move have not exactly got close to the demographic and come up with an insight. More of an insulting stereotype than anything else.

Personally the thought of trying on trousers in a shop full of tanked up lads is no inviting prospect and the idea that getting a bit pissed is going to make me shop like a woman is surely insulting to all women. But perhaps that's just me.

You can read the article here and decide for yourself.