The Current Network seeks agency on Twitter

Jordan Kretchmer is the Vice President of Brand at CurrentTV and he has started an agency gold rush on Twitter.

Last week he posted an extended tweet (via Twerbose) stating his interest in hearing from agencies who could take on the strategic branding tasks for The Current Network. You can read his original tweet here, but to summarise he clearly lays out Current's requirements and openly invites agencies of all sizes to state their interest.

As the week progressed Jordan has continued to share the shortlisting process and included the ever narrowing shortlist in his tweets.

"I can tell you now that i've aleady picked my favourites, but i'm gripped to see how this unfolds. i'm hoping Jordan shares the whole pitching process and unveils the successful agency in due time. On Monday, small agencies who usually have a small voice, had as much say as the largest most respected agencies in the business. And it's no secret that some of those large agencies reacted quickly to this newly found competition. As a result, the diversity of agencies responding was incredible."

If you have any interest in Branding or the power of social media, i strongly suggest you follow the story (via twitter of course).