Baker Tweet, TwittEarth & Creative Review

Everyone on the planet is using twitter now (that's a fact, look it up), so inevitably you'll find a million and one marketers following the twitter goose around waiting for to poop out a golden marketing egg. Over the past year I've seen some companies who have found genuinely good business uses for twitter. sometimes it's info feeds, sometimes it's for monitoring conversations, some are clearly useful, but the majority is just noise.

Baker Tweet is the first twitter use i've really looked at and thought 'brilliant! i could use that for a number of different applications'. It's a beautifully executed piece of tech, that was put together by Poke for their local bakers Albion.

TwittEarth on the other hand is a lot less useful, but good for a brief moment of interest. you can see the world as it tweets. nice.

I use twitter for keeping up with my friends, watching what agencies are up to and occasionally getting help, when i'm stuck. Nothing more has entered my head, but i recently wrote a tweet about how i had decided not to renew my Creative Review subscription. No alteria motives, just what i happened to be thinking. No sooner had i posted it up, than a message from CR came through wanted to know if i would consider sticking with my subscription if they slashed the price. Bloody hell! what an unexpected and fantastic result. My love for CR is restored and i'm signed up once again.

God Bless twitter.