The Current Network seeks agency on Twitter

Jordan Kretchmer is the Vice President of Brand at CurrentTV and he has started an agency gold rush on Twitter.

Last week he posted an extended tweet (via Twerbose) stating his interest in hearing from agencies who could take on the strategic branding tasks for The Current Network. You can read his original tweet here, but to summarise he clearly lays out Current's requirements and openly invites agencies of all sizes to state their interest.

As the week progressed Jordan has continued to share the shortlisting process and included the ever narrowing shortlist in his tweets.

"I can tell you now that i've aleady picked my favourites, but i'm gripped to see how this unfolds. i'm hoping Jordan shares the whole pitching process and unveils the successful agency in due time. On Monday, small agencies who usually have a small voice, had as much say as the largest most respected agencies in the business. And it's no secret that some of those large agencies reacted quickly to this newly found competition. As a result, the diversity of agencies responding was incredible."

If you have any interest in Branding or the power of social media, i strongly suggest you follow the story (via twitter of course).


Please Enjoy - Ji Lee

Please Enjoy is the website of Ji Lee, Creative Director at Google Creative Labs in New York.

His work is a combination of deep thinking and simple solutions. He has some ingenious twists on everyday items and environments. I'm particularly impressed with the work he has done with the Google identity. If you can spare a few minutes (and let's face it you're reading this, so you've clearly have time to waste) i suggest you have a dig through some of his work.


Design Council offers 100k to make phones more secure

The Design Council is offering four prizes of £100,000 each to winning teams of designers/technologists who can come up with a way to make mobile phones useless to thieves

You have to come up with a marketable solution for securing the data held on mobiles and pitch your idea to the judges. The winners will have thier concept developed and stand a chance of changing the way mobile units are built from here on.

The Design Council is often critised, by designers and design business owners, for it's relevance or value. But schemes like this really show how great an organisation it really is. What a brilliant way to engage designers in furthering the development of everyday technology. This competition really brings together designers under one common problem and uses design against crime.

Who's up for it?

Full details here


Royal Mint 2012 50p Design Competition

The deadline for the 2012 games coin design competition is this week. Over the past few months I've been fiddling around with a number of ideas when they come to me. I sketched them out on the competition templates. Using pencils and lightboxes was a bit of a retro treat. I'm sure the amount of entries will be massive, huge so i'm not holding my breath. Still being credited for designing an English coin would be an enormous honour.

Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits

These seem to have passed me by completely, but they are stunning. A master of her art at work with some of the world's most iconic animated moments, using today's celebrities.

You can find more here


My Coke project™ - Love

Brighton & Hove City Council looking for design lead

Brighton & Hove's city council is looking for someone to step and become their Head of Design Services. It looks to be a challenging and rewarding role for the right person.

You can see the job ad over at Wired Sussex

Gucci by Chris Cunningham


Good with a knife

At the start of the week i hand made a card for son's birthday, i was feeling pretty proud of my efforts although my hands ached liked hell from cutting out each of the letters. I was surprised how hard i found cutting the curves on the type (helvetica of course).

Like i said i was feeling pretty pleased with myself and then i spotted these shots on cpluv. my word! this is a seriously talented person. i can't stop looking at how beautifully crafted these are. i need one of these in my home.



At Wolff Olins NY

At Wolff Olins NY
Originally uploaded by Wolff Olins

I like this poster, seen at the WO new york offices. it reminds me of our 'if you could do anything' poster


New Preview website imminent

I'm very excited about the upcoming new Preview website. It's going to launch at some point this week. We've been developing it for a long old time, between pitches and client projects, we also delayed the launch until our new portfolio had been shot, as we were all keen to include some of our newest (and think our best) work.

it's not a complete design overhaul, but it's a hefty update and structurally it's very different. at the moment we are in the final stages of getting the content in and correctly formatted. so i expect to launch it by tomorrow midday. whooooo

let me know what you think.


Keep Calm & Nick Ideas

Message on Wood Lane - 101_1849a
Originally uploaded by normko

I've a number of these ads around lately (altough i've failed to snap my own photo yet) and i can't help but notice the resemblence to the now iconic Keep Calm and Carry On posters.

I have said poster on proud display in my house, but i don't imagine in years to come people unearthing this immitation. It's a testiment to how good the original work is, when you see a rip off still looking pretty good.


Honda & WK take over the Guardian

It's not as if anyone who picked up the Guardian on Saturday had any chance of getting away from WK London's take over tactic for Honda.

The Guardian is also a client of WK, so there may have been a cunning deal at work here, but i can't recall a time when a 'broadsheet' gave up so much for advertising. It's beyond heavy placement and well in to intrusive advertising. The design work and content of the Guardian has to work overtime not to get lost in the onslaught.

As far as the campaign goes: I like the creative and the strategy is very good. But the placement is way too much for my tiny mind to deal with. The volume doesn't seem to match up with the brand at all.

Walter Landor on design, branding & Landor (1977)

The grandaddy of branding Mr Walter Landor. Listen, learn, respect the silvery majesty


Red Design on Creative Choices

Nice little video of Red Design's MD explaining what his job entails and how the business operates.

Drink beer and shop like a woman?

I saw this story via @WolffOlins

"By offering in-store drinks, a growing number of retailers are trying to get men to shop more like women"

So a chain of bloke's clothes shops in the US have installed free bars in order to make men hang around and buy more, after they've had a few beers presumably.

So the strategy is 'get them a bit pissed and they'll buy more' - i can't see what could possibly go wrong with that! Not exactly a new tactic, pubs and clubs have been doing it for decades. But it would seem the team behind the move have not exactly got close to the demographic and come up with an insight. More of an insulting stereotype than anything else.

Personally the thought of trying on trousers in a shop full of tanked up lads is no inviting prospect and the idea that getting a bit pissed is going to make me shop like a woman is surely insulting to all women. But perhaps that's just me.

You can read the article here and decide for yourself.


Baker Tweet, TwittEarth & Creative Review

Everyone on the planet is using twitter now (that's a fact, look it up), so inevitably you'll find a million and one marketers following the twitter goose around waiting for to poop out a golden marketing egg. Over the past year I've seen some companies who have found genuinely good business uses for twitter. sometimes it's info feeds, sometimes it's for monitoring conversations, some are clearly useful, but the majority is just noise.

Baker Tweet is the first twitter use i've really looked at and thought 'brilliant! i could use that for a number of different applications'. It's a beautifully executed piece of tech, that was put together by Poke for their local bakers Albion.

TwittEarth on the other hand is a lot less useful, but good for a brief moment of interest. you can see the world as it tweets. nice.

I use twitter for keeping up with my friends, watching what agencies are up to and occasionally getting help, when i'm stuck. Nothing more has entered my head, but i recently wrote a tweet about how i had decided not to renew my Creative Review subscription. No alteria motives, just what i happened to be thinking. No sooner had i posted it up, than a message from CR came through wanted to know if i would consider sticking with my subscription if they slashed the price. Bloody hell! what an unexpected and fantastic result. My love for CR is restored and i'm signed up once again.

God Bless twitter.


The Impossible Pitch

A small agency in Stockholm has set it's three interns a mission.

Pitch and win for an Adidas account, within three weeks.
Because according to Adidas, impossible is nothing.

When i saw this site i thought it was not only a brilliant task for interns, but a brilliant attitude towards pushing the agency forward. I'm excited to see how they do and how far they will go with achieving their mission. It's not clear if the agency has a relationship with adidas at this point, or if they have another pitch team working on a brief in tandem. Either way i wish them the very best of luck with their task and i will certainly be hoping to learn from their brilliant blog.