Wolff Olins & UEA create MSC in brand leadership

This is the kind of news that makes me want to go back and spend a year studying.

The mighty brand giants Wolff Olins have hooked up with the University of East Anglia to create the world's first Msc in Brand Leadership. The course covers all aspects of planning, building and developing brands. It's aimed at people in marketing who want to become brand managers, which is a genius move by WO, as they are ultimately helping to create better clients and staff for themselves.

Take a look at the course details, it looks amazing. I'm giving serious consideration to signing up for this in the future.

I've recently been writing recommendations for Northbrook's new design foundation degree and i'm beginning to fall in love with the idea of consultation for education bodies. The opportunity to help create better design courses seems like a dream.

I'm now wondering if i'll spend the twilight of my career in academia? perhaps. i'm not ready to give up this glamorous rock n' roll lifestyle just yet though.