Ten things I want to brand

Design Observer's article on things that need to be redesigned got me thinking about some of the projects i'd really love to work on and so i've compiled a list here of ten things i want to brand, in no particular order.

1. Airline
Every designers wet dream and i'm no exception. I unique challenge that branding an airline presents is in the vast application of the brand. What ever you design has to work on everything from the plane tail to the head rests. From the staff uniforms to luggage tags. It's an epic design journey that i'd love to take. An airline account has always been the crown jewels in any portfolio.

2. College/University
There are some beautiful pieces of work coming out from colleges and universities lately. It seems every time i pick up grafik a new uni has drafted in a poo hot design agency to overhaul their brand. Capturing student life and laying out an identity that influences student's educational experience poses a fantastic challenge. I've been making in-roads with a couple of places, but i'm still on the hunt.

3. Museum/Gallery
Not sure where this one came from, but it's always been lurking about in my mind. I guess i've spent a lot of time in galleries and museums and i'd like to combine my interests. These spaces are special and branding work need to be very well considered, as its role is to be omnipresent and yet not intrusive on the exhibitions. Branding an artistically sensitive space would be a great experience in volume control.

4. City (Ideally Brighton)
Brighton is my home and i often thought it's a city that deserves a better class of identity. The city is full of unique character and has a rich history. Every year millions of visitors come to Brighton and the city council has never fulled addressed the access or wayfinding issues in the various popular areas. Read my post on how i'd rebrand Brighton.

5. F1 team
I love designing brand identities. I love F1. Surely the perfect brief is to combine those two passions. Broadly speaking branding work in F1 is not the best you'll ever see. In fact most teams follow a fairly derivative formula to creating an identity. The F1 paddock largely consists of well established teams, so the chance to brand a new team doesn't come along very often. The most recent and high profile being BrawnF1 who have launched with a truelly dodging leaning 'awn' logo. Opportunity missed.

6. Coca-Cola campaign
i've made it no secret that i have a deep, scarey obsession with working for Coke. They run all kinds of campaigns across the world and i would bite off limbs to create an identity for one of their projects.

7. TV Channel
Partly inspired by DixonBaxi's (they are getting lot's of mentions recently) recent work on the Sci Fi Channel and by Red Bee's work on Dave and BBC One. I'm really missing work on broadcast design. I have not had the chance to animate or story board for a while and i'm looking at the amount of new channels cropping up everyday and thinking my chance is coming soon.

8. A Dyson product
I love the Dyson brand. Possibly it's the knowledge that design is at the heart of the whole organisation or perhaps it's the fact they are an international success without being in London. Last year we produced a book called '101 reasons we'd really like to work with Dyson', as a conversation starter. It's one of my best pieces of work and i'm still working to make it bring results back.

9. Series of Penguin books
Ok so this is not really a brand project, more of a design task, but ever since i read a recent article in Design Week on the design of their Modern Classics series, i've been itching to get my hands on a series of Penguin covers. I've worked with Penguin in the past on a digital project and loved. Penguin has a rich history of good design and it would be an honour to

10. Above the line anti litter campaign
Before you jump on my back with the 'there are more important things to worry about' emails, i realise that this topic is not given much attention at the moment. With knife crime, wars in the middle east, melting ice caps fighting for the public's attention, the littering problems across the uk get left out. So i'd like to bring this on and brand a campaign that gives it some attention. And besides i spend 99% of my life creating work that makes other people money, so i'd like to work on something that has an objective that is routed in social good.