Sci Fi Channel rebrands as SyFy

This is a really odd one. It seems the cable channel dedicated to Science Fiction feels that the name Sci Fi is too restricting and has decided to change it to SyFy.
Read the Press Release here.

I understand the want to own their name outright, but this article in the New York Times seems to try and justify the change by saying the name Sci Fi doesn't capture the "the full landscape of fantasy entertainment: the paranormal, the supernatural, action and adventure, superheroes." The change seems an awkward attempt at ownership and trademarking rather than signifying any significant change in the scheduling.

I'm not clear if this change is restricted to the US channel or if it means it will change over here to. If so it's a real shame to see the end of DixonBaxi's relatively new onscreen identity work.

Which ever way it goes it seems that agencies are lining up to work on the name change. So far Landor, 4creative and Proud have all been drafted in to help out. Too many cooks?