Pitch update - We Won!

Whoo hooo we won last week's pitch.

We don't have all the feedback yet, but we've heard that our work and approach has impressed the directors and marketing team. So everyone here is feeling very good about themselves and looking forward to seeing where we can take the brand.

I felt much better about this pitch than i have about the last couple we've done. The process of handling the work and responding to the brief was much more carefully considered. Everyone got involved at some level and although it came down to a couple of key players input was given from all around the team. Proud of the work, proud of the result.

Now the real work begins.

At the end of 2008 i reviewed my year and decided our pitch record really needed improving, hence the recent reading material. Clearly we've got better, but there is alot more we can do to improve our approach to pitches. i'm considering some group training or something.

any ideas for improving pitch skills?