Pitch Perfect - Jon Steel

I've come to Jon Steel a bit late. I was looking to improve my pitching techniques and this book seemed very highly recommended. It has not disappointed at all.

I don't like business books. I don't like 'how to' books. But this book is not really either. It's brilliantly written and full of insightful, inspiring and hilarious stories. I've learnt and been reminded of huge amounts. The retelling of how Jon lead the pitch team for Sega is particularly brilliant. I can't recommend this enough.

Ironically I have been working on a pitch since the end of last week. We presented yesterday and will be hearing the results very soon. It's all very short timelines, so it was a massive push to get as much as we wanted done. I can barely remember where my bed is right now. What ever the results i'm totally happy with everything that was produced.