Itunes looks for answers

I love music, I love apple, I love my ipod, but itunes stinks.

I've always been vocal about my feelings on the Music Store part of the app and as time goes on it's clear that having an entirely seperate division for itunes is not serving Apple's brand, as it deserves to.

That said i was actually quite pleased to get this invitation to feedback on itunes from Apple. It's not every day i think 'oooh good a survey', but i really did this time. Firstly because it gave me a chance to vent my opinions and secondly because it appears to be the first step in Apple reviewing and redesigning how the app works.

You really have to respect Apple for going directly to users and getting feedback. There are so many companies who develop products and services based on what they think or what they can make, rather than letting users/consumers.

I wait.