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You know you've 'arrived' when...

your agency has custom guitar picks.

Itunes looks for answers

I love music, I love apple, I love my ipod, but itunes stinks.

I've always been vocal about my feelings on the Music Store part of the app and as time goes on it's clear that having an entirely seperate division for itunes is not serving Apple's brand, as it deserves to.

That said i was actually quite pleased to get this invitation to feedback on itunes from Apple. It's not every day i think 'oooh good a survey', but i really did this time. Firstly because it gave me a chance to vent my opinions and secondly because it appears to be the first step in Apple reviewing and redesigning how the app works.

You really have to respect Apple for going directly to users and getting feedback. There are so many companies who develop products and services based on what they think or what they can make, rather than letting users/consumers.

I wait.


3 signs a digital agency as creative lead

This story in Campaign is a real eye opener.

Digital agency Glue has taken the creative lead for the whole 3 account. Now Glue will outsource the production of above the line ads, but remain in charge of creative and strategy. I've seen a couple of digital teams (glue, dare, poke) taking on the ad agencies for creative lead, but this is the first i've noticed of its size.

I'm really interested to see where the brand goes from here. Obviously Campaign is focussed on the ad world, but it doesn't give any mention to who is handling there branding right now. I wonder how long it will be before the digital teams make a move on brand accounts.


Pitch update - We Won!

Whoo hooo we won last week's pitch.

We don't have all the feedback yet, but we've heard that our work and approach has impressed the directors and marketing team. So everyone here is feeling very good about themselves and looking forward to seeing where we can take the brand.

I felt much better about this pitch than i have about the last couple we've done. The process of handling the work and responding to the brief was much more carefully considered. Everyone got involved at some level and although it came down to a couple of key players input was given from all around the team. Proud of the work, proud of the result.

Now the real work begins.

At the end of 2008 i reviewed my year and decided our pitch record really needed improving, hence the recent reading material. Clearly we've got better, but there is alot more we can do to improve our approach to pitches. i'm considering some group training or something.

any ideas for improving pitch skills?


Pitch Perfect - Jon Steel

I've come to Jon Steel a bit late. I was looking to improve my pitching techniques and this book seemed very highly recommended. It has not disappointed at all.

I don't like business books. I don't like 'how to' books. But this book is not really either. It's brilliantly written and full of insightful, inspiring and hilarious stories. I've learnt and been reminded of huge amounts. The retelling of how Jon lead the pitch team for Sega is particularly brilliant. I can't recommend this enough.

Ironically I have been working on a pitch since the end of last week. We presented yesterday and will be hearing the results very soon. It's all very short timelines, so it was a massive push to get as much as we wanted done. I can barely remember where my bed is right now. What ever the results i'm totally happy with everything that was produced.

Airfrance takes 10 years to rebrand!?

How can this be right? Design Week is running an article stating that Brand Image has spent the past ten years rebranding Air France.

Ten years! I can't quite believe it. What the heck have they been doing for ten years?


Pitching - thurs

Too busy to blog. Got a pitch invitation on friday for this thursday. i will post something on my progress if i have the time.

wish me luck.


Mad Men Returns

Wooo hooo it's finally coming back. I don't know why the BBC is lagging so far behind the US in broadcasting the second series of Mad Men. I've had serious withdrawals, but it's coming back

In case you didn't know I love this show. Not only the show, but all of the surrounding material. (look at the press shots, even those are amazing!). A great touch by the AMC production team was giving each of the characters a twitter feed. It seems a little cheesy, but i loved following Draper, Sterling and my other favourites. The writing was perfectly on character and wonderfully weaves in and out of the story lines. It seems to have dropped off lately, but still worth checking out.

On another note i saw this comedy post on Landor's blog, that reminded me of my Bernbach post from a few months back


Co-Op rebrand - coming soon

It seems that The Co-Operative is on the verge of launching a brand overhaul.
(check out the weird suffix they have got)

Large blocks of media space are being bought up all over the place and press releases are coming out in the press. We wait.