Photo round up

I've been seeing some incredible photography portfolios recently. Too many to show or remember but some of my favourites include

Greg Williams
If you have never seen Greg's work you need to check him out. His portraits are stunning. Beautiful compositions and fantastic lighting throughout, particularly on his action shots. Although the website is a bit stinky. Greg - give me a call, your work deserves better presentation.

Nadav Kander
Nadav's style is not like others i've seen recently. He has a very detached approached to his subjects that is both revealing and clinical. Stunning colouring throughout too.

Jacob Langvad
This shot from Jacob shows the work at its best in my opinion. A perfect example of skewed perspectives and unexpected takes on the subject matter.

Spiros Politis
Spiros has some real gems in Portraits and Advertising sections. This shot is not a typical one, but it stood out to me and i just couldn't resist it.

JeanYves Lemoigne
Perfect sense of humour that really makes these photos. Perfectly shot as well. Perfect.