Norwich Union name change campaign

The country's biggest insurance company Norwich Union has changed its name. To promote the new name it has launched a series of tv ads with famous people asking if they would have become famous if they had not changed their names.

'would i still have been famous if my name was richard starkey' asks ringo starr. well i don't know ringo, perhaps we should ask those people who wrote all the beatles music. if only i could remember their plain old names!

The ads finish with a line about the name change that goes 'sometimes it's a chance to show the world who you've always wanted to be'. So from that can we deduce Norwich Union has always wanted to be consumed by an international insurance plc?

So far just the name has changed and the remainder of the identity is still in place, but I would guess it won't be too long before the colours and logo leave behind the NU for good.