Branding. Where Next? - Johnson Banks Blog

Ok this is what i call a 'bastard moment'. I was thumbing through an old copy of design week and i came across this article on branding by JohnsonBanks. I read the article and just said to myself 'bastard'.

Michael Johnson
has managed to capture just about everything i've been trying to say about the creative industry for the past two years, except his version is significantly more concise and eloquent. It's such a good article that i really can't recommend it enough.

"You don’t see many internet discussions on the quality of a brochure, or tweaked pack design do you? Better to be debated than ignored, as Oscar Wilde might have said, were he to be re-incarnated as a brand consultant (now there’s an odd thought)"

"it’s not unusual for clients to turn to us 18 months into a project and ask if we can help them find an ad agency – a galling turnaround for the traditional 30-second-TV-spot-driven ad agencies, but the smart ones have re-invented as multi-channel ‘ideas agents’ anyway. This is good time to be a brander"

"The next generation of clients need flexible identities and flexible advice: as more and more design comes in house, their consultants will have to prove their worth as navigators and mentors for successful roll-out..."