Honda F Gone

Sad news that Honda has pulled out of F1. Citing the economic downturn, but in truth it seems to be more about descention in the Honda board of directors. Racing to sell cars doesn't seem the best use model for a team, instead selling cars to race appears to be more successful. It's hard to swallow the whole 'we can't spend the money' reasoning from Honda when you see stories like this appearing.

I'm gutted. I'm gutted for Jenson Button. I'm gutted for Ross Brawn. I'm gutted for my friends and family at Honda F1. I think pulling out so quickly is a very strange move and doing it on the verge of team improvements makes it even worse.

It's a blow for the sport as Honda F1 were the first team to openly and directly address the environmental impact of the sport with the myearthdreams campaign. In their relatively short time in the sport Honda had a notable impact, even though the results had not come so easily. The Honda F1 brand was the best in the pack in my opinion, so much so that they were on my Big5. I guess I will have to review that soon.