Doesn't Matter

At the start of the year i posted about the Matter Box project. Well it's taken some time, but the latest delivery from Matter arrived on my desk this week. It's a smaller, more compact box this time round and it would appear it is now fully owned and run by Royal Mail.

The contents varied between some lovely little treats (Diageo's virtual fireplace, LoveFilm's dirty film wipes) to cheap samples (O2 top ups, Original Source shampoo). Over all the quality and emphasis on 'nice things' has lowered, but the concept still holds strong. As an example Cadbury's included a bar of their new chocolate flavour, which was consumed by my family and everyone agreed they would happily buy next time an opportunity arrived!

The anticipation of the box and the idea of being sent promotional material is considerably stronger than buying up ad space and hoping your demographic sees it, in my opinion. I think a lot of consumer brands could learn from this very simple concept. Imagine if Cadburys get rid of the oh so clever flash gimmicks on their website and replaced them with a simple mechanism for sending out samples to people in the desired demographic.

I was very pleased to get my box, but considering it took almost a year to get this one out, i don't expect another any time soon. Hopefully the next one will regain some of the quality of the original.