Recent Activity

I do these posts as a bit of a cop out. When i get really busy i have so many things floating about in my mind, that i don't have time to distill them and get anything written down. this generally leads to mental overloads and creative blocks, so here comes a wave of nonsense that i've been involved in and pondering over the recent weeks...

Working on
  • Pulling together the planning doc for a new brand campaign
  • Meeting a potentially massive new travel client
  • Ecommerce site for a catering client
  • Brochure for another travel client
  • Animated flash banner for RAD
  • GDBA brand launch
  • Event material for CIM
  • A new DM campaign proposal
  • Organising material for focus groups

Talking about
  • Preview's strategic plans
  • The lack of creative copywriters outside of London
  • SEEDA's lack of relevance
  • The future of the SCDF (with McFaul and the Chichester crew)
  • Working for the 2012 committee
  • Using our RAR selection effectively

Thinking about
  • Bagels
  • A speculative project for one of the big 5
  • Seeing the new bond film and how many product placements this one will include
  • Bumping in to old friends
  • Painting every room in my house
  • Pulling together concepts for a potential music client
  • Going to see Monkey at the end of the month

  • Obama's historic victory - times are a changing
  • Eli Stone
  • Last man standing, series 2
  • Dizzee Rascal on newsnight - i'd vote for him
  • Jimmy Carr at the Brighton Dome
  • ITV's F1 finale