My Coke project™ - Waves

this was the first. i really like the biscuit background colour with the coke red. the waves are spread over ten layers to ensure the overlap covers each wave's tail.

i experimented with an additional bottle shape here, but i think it is too dominating over the smaller bottle icon. you have to respect the bottle shape, it's one of coke's best assests. i'm pleased with the colours in this one too. i'm working on a combination of them both.

Design and branding for good

I was really warmed by this article in design week about landor creating branding work for proctor and gamble and agreeing to not get paid.

Digital agency poke has done a fair amount of charity work over the years, but the most fascinating deal was with an interiors company that traded a website for overhauling poke's toilets! what a genius idea.

I'd like to see more trading and swapping of skills. If we did that here at Preview we'd be flying round the world, eating sandwiches, learning to dance, making things explode and driving like pro's without paying for any of it


HSPG Munken Notebook

The cover rings very true with me.

We just got sent some very sexy little hardback notebooks from Howard Smith Papers, featuring their Munken range. We used Munken for our stationery and it's a big favourite here.

I'm very pleased with the book, it's not ruled so my mind fills with hopes of filling it with beautiful artwork, but in truth it will probably end with scribbles and notes like the other hundreds i have filled to date.


My Coke project™ - Simple

A couple of very simple illustrations, trying to keep it as stripped back as possible, i like the idea of only using trademarked items to create compositions, limiting your design palette can be surprisingly liberating


Because, because, because, becaaause the wonderful wizard of Oz. Etc, etc. The work on this site is feckin awesome.

Because Studio

I'm a massive fan of their own folio. I am rushing about looking for anyone who can do 'Singer Sewing' to paper, it looks fantastic. I love the hand crafted nature of the work, all of it really looks very tactile well produced.


Peter and Paul = stunning

When i first arrived at the Peter and Paul website i didn't like it. now i love it. hey it's my blog i'll be as contrary as i like. the layout and page set up took me a while to get used to and i do think the changing link titles are a mistake everything else is bloody beautiful. They clearly have a brilliant skill for making brands exsist in the world beyond paper and screen.

I am particularly blown away by U&I , Osmosis and the very delicous JSA brand work. 3D logos are the future™

Coke Bond hook up - Work in progress

Coke got in with the new Bond film Quantum of Solace, which i saw last week, in response i've started pulling bond/coke imagery together. For perverse reasons i opted to start this one in Illustrator rather than Pshop. I'm not keen on the fire edges yet and the car needs to be better integrated in there, but i'm still pulling it together.


Amazon go 'hassle free'

Amazon's frustration free packaging.

In a truelly brilliant brand exercise, Amazon has engaged it's users, listened to their complaints and comments, then developed new services to enforce the customer's experience. A great example of the Form following Function, following Feed theory.

The personal note from the CEO is a very nice touch too.

thank god.


My Coke project™

I've made no bones about the fact that I'd love to work with Coke, in fact over the years it's become something of an obsession. So i've decided to do something about it. I've added a new label for all posts related to hunting down someone within the massive Coke family who commissions design work.

My intention is to make it known to as many people as possible, that i'd like to do design work for Coke and hopefully somebody will put me in contact with the right person. I know that Coke operates in many different forms in the UK. From ATL advertising to Vending, Bottling and promotions for all the different products (Red, Zero, Diet, Cherry etc) in to various outlets. I also know that a number of agencies in the South East have managed to pick up small projects from with Coke Enterprises.

As with most clients and prospectives I tend to work on ideas and concepts, even when there is no brief. So over the coming months I will post up various sketches and bits and pieces of work I'm tinkering with, as well as updates on my quest and the occasional jealous rant when i find someone else how has done amazing work for Coke.

In the meantime drop me a mail if you can help me in my quest.


Photoshop - old school

I love this project. a simple idea, that has been seen through with loving care. i'm all up for everyone here in the studio reverting to this.

more here


Recent Activity

I do these posts as a bit of a cop out. When i get really busy i have so many things floating about in my mind, that i don't have time to distill them and get anything written down. this generally leads to mental overloads and creative blocks, so here comes a wave of nonsense that i've been involved in and pondering over the recent weeks...

Working on
  • Pulling together the planning doc for a new brand campaign
  • Meeting a potentially massive new travel client
  • Ecommerce site for a catering client
  • Brochure for another travel client
  • Animated flash banner for RAD
  • GDBA brand launch
  • Event material for CIM
  • A new DM campaign proposal
  • Organising material for focus groups

Talking about
  • Preview's strategic plans
  • The lack of creative copywriters outside of London
  • SEEDA's lack of relevance
  • The future of the SCDF (with McFaul and the Chichester crew)
  • Working for the 2012 committee
  • Using our RAR selection effectively

Thinking about
  • Bagels
  • A speculative project for one of the big 5
  • Seeing the new bond film and how many product placements this one will include
  • Bumping in to old friends
  • Painting every room in my house
  • Pulling together concepts for a potential music client
  • Going to see Monkey at the end of the month

  • Obama's historic victory - times are a changing
  • Eli Stone
  • Last man standing, series 2
  • Dizzee Rascal on newsnight - i'd vote for him
  • Jimmy Carr at the Brighton Dome
  • ITV's F1 finale


Daily Poetics on Flickr

Daily Poetics has some great collections on Flickr. You'll be hard pushed to find a more comprehensive set of printed samples. I've been digging through the business card set looking for inspiration.