Pepsi rolls out brand 'make over'

Pepsi has rolled out a 'brand makeover' this week. essentially it's not a makeover, they have arsed about with the logo, the patriotic colours are still in place and the product names remain.

The amended logo turns the red, white and blue motif in to a lopsided comic smile design. It's unclear at this point what the purpose of the make over is, but after coke tidied up it's identity last year, you have to wonder if it's simply a reaction to their competitors.

the work has been carried out by the arnell group(?!) and will redefine the packaging, point of sale and advertising over the coming three years.

Personally i like the new typeface, but the logo and strategy seems very dodgy. the pepsi logo was a classic piece of design. It's a very brave creative director who leads this project, I would not like to present this trashed icon in my portfolio.

Footnote: I saw an article in Marketing regarding Pepsi's rebrand and I couldn't help but laugh at the ironic serving of google ads at the foot of the page.

There is more on the rebrand over at Brand New