If i could do anything...

inspired by Hudsonbec's collective art project, i put this poster up in the preview kitchen. No real purpose other than to get everyone in the agency contributing to something outside of the usual project work.

It was wonderful to see it growing each day. There was no instructions or deadline, i just let everyone write anything they wanted.

The final list went like this...
  • Buy a Ferrari F1 Modena 360
  • Enjoy the sunshine with my family
  • Go on my honeymoon
  • Drive across the Millau bridge in France in an Aston Marin DB5
  • Win a karaoke competition
  • Create a cure for stupid
  • Wake up in a world where things work correctly
  • Eat dinner in an oyster bar and enjoy it
  • Get my motorbike license
  • Build a house out of water and paper
  • Ride an alpaca
  • Join Alphabeat
  • Swallow chewing gum, swim after eating, go out with wet hair
  • go strawberry picking
  • become an ant and not get killed
  • Do an entire pitch in Finnglish (and win it)
  • Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and for the entire human race
  • roll a phat one, drop a beat and bust a move
  • moonwalk a mile
  • follow mr spoon to button moon
  • ride to japan on a unicycle
  • republish the bible with a different ending
  • destroy BT and all those who work for it, with it and near it
  • find my brother a suitable wife
  • eat mushrooms without being sick
  • change my name to Brenda
  • Buy an umbrella that can't be lost
  • go back in time to yesterday and add something better to this list
  • buy a track car and go racing
  • patent my chocolate trousers
  • stop eating my chocolate trousers
  • go to Paris in my Toyota yaris
  • Buy a tailored Gucci suit and do the gardening in it
  • sail round the world in a luxury racing yacht
  • make a list that never ends
  • Find a fish that has fingers
  • Paint the town red. The whole town, including everything in it.
  • Build a city out of rock n' roll - although it would be structurally unsound.