Done with Facebook

You can't read a blog these days without someone telling you how to make 'social networks' work for your business. Every marketing consultant you meet is desperately trying to find some way of tapping in to networks like Facebook as a revenue stream. The truth is that it's not happening. Adverts and businesses are not welcome in these networks. You only have to look at Youtube's top rated to see how few are adverts (just 3 at the moment, i think).

Last week i logged in to my Facebook account for the first time in months, had a look round and found nothing of any interest, so decided to remove all my details, photo tags, groups and updates. No big protest, just not interested any more.

Having removed most traces of myself i was fascinated to see this article by Landor on the future of Facebook. It's the best response to the rise of 'social media' that i've seen so far

"Many of my friends have de-Faced themselves in recent months, and I predict the trend to continue. Without the social butterflies, Facebook will be left for aspiring Tory MP’s, and my uncle and his friends."