wally olins - the brand handbook

years ago i read a friend's copy of wally olins' new guide to identity. although it was newly published at the time, most of the theories and examples seemed outdated to me. this is not a problem i found with his most recent book the brand handbook. whilst it doesn't go in to massive detail on process, it does cover the whole branding cycle, taking time to explain each part and why it is important.

after more than 10 years it's strangely refreshing to see the branding process formally laid out and broken in to clear segments. Olins has been in the branding business for a long time (in fact he practically invented it) and some of his examples are a little old, but you cannot fault his grip on the essential factors in creating a brand.

the most part of the book is really a handbook. the writing is aimed at someone within an organisation who may be embarking on a brand campaign. this gives anyone who is agency side a unique insight in to how their clients may approaching the project. it also allows us to learn what deliverables are essential throughout the project and what is required from the client to make it a success.

i loved reading this book. it now lives on my desk filled with post it notes to refer back to.