New Barclaycard logo

The new logo

The current logo

Barclays have unveiled a new logo for their Barclaycard. Design week's article seems a little preoccupied with the costs, but it does give a realistic view on how long the update will take to reach it's targets.

The update was done by Brand Union and i have to say it's not ground breaking, but it's a marked improvement. A bit of a shame the vibrant blue inside the sphere was not used for the type. The choice of typeface is very nice and strikes the right balance between friendly, modern and being solid. Nothing impressive, nothing offensive.

It's hard not to compare it to Sony Ericsson's logo. It has a very similar structure and icon. Taking on a more established and progressive marque is a risky move, but the application and context of each is different enough to get away with it.

No further examples of the brand applied, but i'm sure the team at Brand Union have some more stuff up their sleeves.