Ford Fiesta - This is now campaign

the ad was put together by Ogilvy London and has so far split opinion within the ad world. it's clearly an improvement on the shockingly bad robot dog campaign that ford ran earlier in the year.

the new model is certainly an improvement on the last box they produced, although it's following fiat's recent work too closely for my liking.

i read that the campaign is 'an attempt to establish the new car as a style icon for modern (that means young) women'. Much of the negative commentary has been levelled at the campaign's meaning. It seems it's too abstract for some people and the biggest moan is 'what is it supposed to mean?'. I have to be honest this makes me like it more. Ambiguity in advertising is almost a swear word these days. I love the mashing together of art and marketing. This article on Shots reveals how each of the screens contains a commissioned piece of artwork.

The print executions i saw over the weekend were not very inspiring. Essentially they are comprised of stills from the tv spot. But the Digital execution comes in the form of more art/advertisting fusion. This is now.eu is a site, sponsored by Ford, that encourages users to submit their artwork on the theme of 'now'. It's totally hooked up with a Twitter feed and a Flickr group it also allows you to join the accompanying Facebook group. Not a bad campaign line there. I think we are going to see a lot more of this work over the rest of the year.