Discover what inspires ideas

I grabbed this photo on my (manky)phone a while a go on the tube. i found it again this week and it made me stop and think about what i use to inspire ideas.

i don't think i've ever found inspiration in the same place twice. when an idea jumps at you, it often comes from the last place you would expect. sometimes it's a shape or colour or maybe just a mood. i have learnt to capture those moments as best as i can. i carry notepads with me most places and i'm an addicted scribbler. i also hoard screengrabs on my work and home desktops. films have always had a big impact on my creative process, more so than music. even though i listen to music everyday of my life.

lately i've been pulling lot's of new ideas from fashion and people's approach to it. the best part of my day is seeing the kids walking to school near my house. all of them find a way to express themselves within the confines of the school uniform. these days interpretation of school uniform is more accepted than it was, when i was a kid. but it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways you can wear a black top and grey skirt/trousers.

that was a bit of a ramble. yep yep yep