wklondon / guardian - horrible rip off

i've been a big fan of wk london's work for the guardian. i loved the simplistic approach to the art direction. the copy, strategy and design all seemed very seamless. however when i stumbled on this photo from ben's blog...

it's from a book called Graphic Designers Europe vol.2. when i saw the image on the left side of the spread i couldn't help but notice how much it looks like one of the executions from the guardian campaign, as seen here...

is it me or does that look like they have 'borrowed' a bit too heavily?
i know it's only one execution in a very good campaign, but it makes me wonder how much more of it has 'borrowed' from this book (or elsewhere). it seems even worse when wk then accuse people of ripping them off

in the past three years the amount of advertising work that steals from obscure sources seems to be on a steady increase. is the web giving rise to lazy advertising?