dyson school hits another roadblock

horrible news from design week. the dyson school is being further held up by bureaucratic fumblings. it's depressing to see how much trouble he has had getting this project off the ground, i can't imagine who wouldn't want to back it, whole heartedly.

From design week...

James Dyson is considering backing out of plans to build a design school in Bath, following the beleaguered project’s latest setback.

The Government Office of the South West opted last week to launch an inquiry into plans for the Dyson School of Design Innovation, which the Environment Agency judges is at too high a risk of flooding.

The designer insists that the building, by architect Wilkinson Eyre, is safe, and is accusing the Environment Agency of stonewalling the £60m project, which aims to provide 2500 children and adults with design, technology and engineering training every week.

Dyson is clearly a man used to pushing innovative concepts through to commercial realisation. I particularly like this part...

"This isn’t a third runway at Heathrow, it is a school on a derelict piece of land in Bath. It is mind-boggling that MPs can be so scared of making a decision"