Coke Summer Campaign

Coke's summer campaign is a change of pace for them. It seems to be a bid to move past the unhealthy image it has, by focussing on the ingredients. The art direction is surprisingly restrained.

I haven't seen any tv spots to go with the web, press and outdoor output, but i'm sure it's coming. the web aspect is very well done. coke has drafted in grand union to put the site together which has a really nice live feel to it. a good use of tags to help you ask questions and interact. if you dig in to the q&a section the responses from the coke team are well written and refreshingly sincere. the video work involved is also worth taking note of. very tasty.

Crappy photo, but this outdoor ad is (again) surprisingly subtle. the frosted 'ahh' was hardly visible from a distance. it would seem as though coke are trying to move the brand on from a junk food brand in to something more acceptable.