blog life balance

when i started this blog i had no intention of doing that much with it. since i got in to a rhythm it's hard not to post loads every day. i can feel a temptation to put everything on here, leaving very little inclination to actually say this stuff to anyone.

my first job out of uni was hec. tic. everyday i had loads of projects to complete as well as ongoing tasks and regular responsibilities. i got very organised, very quickly and since then i've stuck to my process of sorting tasks and staying on top of work. fitting blogging in to my work load hasn't been hard so far.

the system i've created with blogger means that anytime i have a selection of draft posts that i just tweak and publish when i'm in the mood.

iain tait's blog hierarchy is a pretty good take on the way people approach their blogs and it's also interesting when people feel self imposed pressure to blog. if i ever look at my stats i tend to stop writing for while. the more i think i'm not being read, the more i'm happy to say.