the bbc's new roster

design week has run an article on the bbc's new design roster, which covers the new entries and exits from one of the country's most coveted pitch lists.

the new stripped down roster no longer includes Poke, Wolff Olin's or Attik. I don't know if these agencies didn't make it through the application process or if they simply decided against it this time round. Either way they are all conspicuous by their absence, considering their reputations in their respective fields.

This time round there are not many agencies representing the south, only local boys Designate have managed to secure themselves a spot in the 'Marketing communications' section. it seems that their widely known, but unpublicised search for a new creative director hasn't dented the agency's new business results.

All this talk of the beeb's roster and looking at the agencies included has wet my apetite somewhat. i did a fair amount of work for the bbc when i was at victoria real and although i know it's a huge organisation that can seem unwieldy at times, i know that getting on that list would be a benchmark for how far preview has come. the roster is set for the next two years, so that's how long i've got to make an impact at the beeb. any pointers?