Are you a digital native?

Following a discussion i had with friends at the weekend about the merits (and lack of) of social networks in the workplace, i wanted to post something about Alan at Criterion's recent presentation on accomodating digital natives in the workplace.

Just to clarify digital natives is the name given to the generation of young adults who have are growing up with myspace, mobile web and online gaming.

you can download notes from the presentation here. but my favourite parts include...

A historical backdrop
The Silent Generation (1925-1942)
The Depression generation, The sandwich generation.

Boomers (1943-1963)
Beatniks, hippies, mods, rockers, Generation Jones, The love generation.

Generation X (1964-1981)
Slackers, The twenty/thirty somethings.

Generation Y (1982-1992)
The corporation generation, Spoiled generation, Generation whY

Digital natives (1992-now)
Millennials, iGeneration, The MySpace generation

Do you speak the langueage?
Digital Aliens
Silent Generation. Latecomers to technology. The internet, podcasts, SMS, online gaming and wireless networks are largely alien concepts to them

Digital Immigrants
Boomers. Those who reached adulthood without digital technology. While many embrace new technologies, some do so reluctantly.

Digital Adaptives
Generation X & Y. Willingly embrace the technologies they saw evolve into consumer durables.
Digital technologies began to emerge in a mass sense during the teen years of GenerationX.

Digital Natives
Millennials have enjoyed the luxuries of digital technology their entire lives including the massive and lucrative video game industry.

You know you're a digital immigrant if...
● You say 'www' before web addresses
● You print out your emails
● You email, fax and post the same document
● You then phone to make sure it got there

The presentation goes in to more depth about recruiting and educating digital natives and is really worth a read.