apple's product blog

when apple released it's iphone update, it also annouced the mobileme application. by all accounts the mobileme launch was rushed and a slew of angry bloggers have taken issue with apple after they lost emails and data.

i don't have an iphone and i'm deeply unhappy about that fact, so i really don't care if a few of apple's customers have problems. apple is not a faultless demi god, it's like any other organisation, it has the tendency to fuck up. I don't care about that, what i do find interesting is there response.

they have opted against the usual press release/apology route and gone for a blog. the blog details the problems and how they are working towards a solution. oddly the blog opens with 'steve jobs has asked me...' - although the author is not stated it seems a very unusual tone of voice, almost as if steve jobs and the blog author are not entirely connected.

this is the first high profile use of business blogging that i've come across. i've seen adobe's development blog (when they bought macromedia), but that was dull as hell. i will be watching to see what they do with the blog in order to engage their users.