2008 objectives review

we are about half way through the year which makes for a good time to review my progress. at the start of the year i posted my personal objectives for the year here. some are going well, some are not. still plenty of work to do...

2008 - This is what i've set out for the coming year.

1. Expand the creative team
No real movement here. As this is dictated by work demands. boo. must try harder.

2. Win at least one new client pitch
At the start of the year i ticked this off. we won a competitive pitch that has since been launched and is now developing in to phase two. we've also got some more creative pitchs lined up, so i aim to surpass this one.

3. Execute our marketing plan as scheduled
Everything is going pretty much to plan so far. One piece of press has been delayed as the client has yet to implement our work and one project has been delayed in trade organisation hell.

4. build a secure extranet for proofing and signing off work
This is well underway and will hopefully be up and running before the end of the summer.

5. develop the "15" project for 2009
Shhhh. This is my big future project that i intend on launching in 2009. It's going to need lot's of work this year. So my intention is to get complete buy-in from the whole company and get production and planning moving.

6. add copywriters to our freelance roster
really tough one this. i've met a few very talented writers that i will hopefully get the chance to work with soon. but i'm still lacking a concept developing, ad writing half of a creative team. the hunt continues.

6. Find a CD mentor
nothing official has been set up. however i did get the (eye opening) chance to meet up with james at attik in a mentoring capacity. i will continue to look for something regular though.

more, more, bigger, faster, stronger, more, more, up, up and away.