Recent Activity

Over the past week or so i've been busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. Here are some of the things i've been busying myself with...

  • Feeling hungry whilst designing a website for a sandwich company
  • Working on the Brighton launch for SCDF
  • Writing press releases
  • Getting very cross about being left off a pitch list
  • Flash animations for new site
  • Artworking and redesigning business cards
  • Comping client logos in to photos
  • Creating a presentation for CIM event
  • Preparing credentials for one of my big five
  • Writing and designing a massie book
  • Watching the new Gonzo trailer
  • Discussing shoots and briefing photographers
  • Fast turn around leaflet, card and livery work
  • Wishing i worked here
  • Sourcing illustrators
  • Trying to get my head round Shop Composition.com
  • Analysing Preview's web stats
Holiday is coming soon and i think i've earned it.