my dyson project

i previously mentioned a project i was starting. well it's finished. For a while i've been looking for a way to approach Dyson for work. I've been a huge fan of the brand for a long time and when i heard they were sending members of their marketing team to an upcoming CIM event there was no way i was going to miss that chance.

I set about brainstorming possible approaches. The twist in the tale is that i had my holiday booked at the time of the event, so i had to create something that worked when someone else from the team handed it over.

After discarding giant business cards, posters, bricks with fold out flyers, scrolls and other concepts we decided on creating a book called 101 reasons we'd (really) like to work with Dyson.

To allow enough time for printing, binding and delivery we had only 9 days to write, art direct and artwork the book. Creating the content was by far and away the most painful part. As you can tell from this blog i'm no writer, so this was a mamouth task for me.

Final amends and pagination review.

The finish articles each had a bespoke wrap made which had the contacts name on, as we wanted to ensure there was no doubt we'd gone to great lengths to create something purely for them.

I got to see the books the day before i left for my holiday and i was both relieved and proud with the end result. Opportunities make contact with a team like Dyson don't come up every day so i was prepared to give it my all to make this one count. I poured myself in to this book. Once it was done i felt like i'd cut off a limb.

The response was good, by all accounts and now we wait to see a response and plan our follow up.