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i blogged about an email exchange i had with ben at noisy decent graphics a while back and you can now see the fruits of ben's labour in the latest edition of creative review. i've been in there so much recently i think i'm going to need my own regular page allocated.

my dyson project

i previously mentioned a project i was starting. well it's finished. For a while i've been looking for a way to approach Dyson for work. I've been a huge fan of the brand for a long time and when i heard they were sending members of their marketing team to an upcoming CIM event there was no way i was going to miss that chance.

I set about brainstorming possible approaches. The twist in the tale is that i had my holiday booked at the time of the event, so i had to create something that worked when someone else from the team handed it over.

After discarding giant business cards, posters, bricks with fold out flyers, scrolls and other concepts we decided on creating a book called 101 reasons we'd (really) like to work with Dyson.

To allow enough time for printing, binding and delivery we had only 9 days to write, art direct and artwork the book. Creating the content was by far and away the most painful part. As you can tell from this blog i'm no writer, so this was a mamouth task for me.

Final amends and pagination review.

The finish articles each had a bespoke wrap made which had the contacts name on, as we wanted to ensure there was no doubt we'd gone to great lengths to create something purely for them.

I got to see the books the day before i left for my holiday and i was both relieved and proud with the end result. Opportunities make contact with a team like Dyson don't come up every day so i was prepared to give it my all to make this one count. I poured myself in to this book. Once it was done i felt like i'd cut off a limb.

The response was good, by all accounts and now we wait to see a response and plan our follow up.

cake off

we like cake. cake is good. some in our studio even fancy themselves as cake experts. but there can only be one winner. the great preview cake off is coming.

SCDF - Brighton branch meeting

yesterday i went down to brighton uni to meet up with the guys from the scdf steering group. although the attendance list had changed from our last meeting, it really feels like we are slowly pulling together some good ideas and soon we'll have something to show for our efforts. the possibilities are endless.


Gone Baby, Gone.

I've had no time or energy for blogging lately. I've got loads of stuff to post, but i'm away for two weeks at the end of this week. so i'll have a massive catch up when i get back.

In the mean time have a look at these sites...

The Northern Front
Letters & Numbers
Jack Crossing
BMW Gina

and don't forget if your in Brighton on the 26th to drop in on the SCDF's first Brighton event.


Recent Activity

Over the past week or so i've been busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. Here are some of the things i've been busying myself with...

  • Feeling hungry whilst designing a website for a sandwich company
  • Working on the Brighton launch for SCDF
  • Writing press releases
  • Getting very cross about being left off a pitch list
  • Flash animations for new site
  • Artworking and redesigning business cards
  • Comping client logos in to photos
  • Creating a presentation for CIM event
  • Preparing credentials for one of my big five
  • Writing and designing a massie book
  • Watching the new Gonzo trailer
  • Discussing shoots and briefing photographers
  • Fast turn around leaflet, card and livery work
  • Wishing i worked here
  • Sourcing illustrators
  • Trying to get my head round Shop Composition.com
  • Analysing Preview's web stats
Holiday is coming soon and i think i've earned it.

Competition winner

Last year we launched a competition for young designers in the region and yesterday we met our winner for a trip over to Longridge to watch his winning entry come off the press. Neil from Longridge made us very welcome and gave us a guided tour of his press. It was really great to meet our winner Andy and hear about how he's doing with his design course. It was also really nice to spend some time with Longridge. Good printers are hard to find and i can highly recommend giving them a call.