Ogilvy hosts the Apprentice

This year Ogilvy London has stepped up to host the gang of twats that make up the potential winners of this year's Apprentice. They have previously been to Saatchis and bizarrely CHI (probably their last cock up before hiring Ewan Paterson and turning things around). Sadly the agencies never feature that highly and the work produced is always cack, it's still interesting to watch from a voyeuristic point of view.

It's easy for me to sit here and laugh at the work produced, but i'll leave that for others to do. I will say that we need their work to be so bad. If it was great, we'd all be out of jobs pretty quickly.

However my biggest rant is levelled at Sir Anal. I simply don't believe anyone at Ogilvy advised him to select the winner because it was the one which hammered the pack shots out. The silver dwarf sat there (in his elevated chair) bleating on about the how "making my bloody auntie smile, isn't going to bloody shift tissues". Well i'm sorry before you go on national tv and lecture on the fundamentals of advertising strategy it's probably a good idea to have a shred of insight. Nobody jumps off their sofa and buys anything after seeing a TV, the purpose of a tv campaign is to associate a brand with a particular emotion, so that when a consumer is fulfilling their usual purchasing routine they subconsciously recall that emotion which drives the purchase. Beating viewers about the face with loudly coloured pack shots and patronising them with hammer heavy scripts hasn't made a successful campaign for more than forty years.

Wake up Sugar you don't know shit about advertising and you have no place telling people how to do it. I can only imagine his gnarly little vitriol if he one of the teams had presented Apple's 1984 or Guinness's Surfer. He'd probably turn over and die if he saw Sony's Bravia ads.