My Big Five / Client Wishlist

Someone once said it's impossible to score if yuo don't have a goal. That might very well sound like cheesy eighties power talk, but i think it actually has some merit. I think it's important to stick to your goals. So i'm working my way towards working with the following clients ( in no particular order) :

1. Coca Cola
I have a bit of an obsession with CocaCola. I don't drink it (unless it's with a lot of whiskey). But i work with brands and there is no bigger brand than Coke. It's a worldwide cultural phenomenon and despite what you might think of it's dominance you have to respect the fact that they have become the world's most ubiqitous product. I would love to be involved at any level with CocaCola. There are many strands to the business and I'd love the chance to work with a part of that organisation.

2. Dyson
The Dyson name has become synonymous with design in the UK. The main vacuum cleaner company and the soon to be opened design school both present the greatest opportunity a designer could ask for. The chance to deliver work for such a design focussed client is a dream. I'd sell relatives for the chance to work with these guys, as well as the design school.

3. Honda F1
Not Honda, just Honda F1. I'm a huge F1 fan and there was always going to be an F1 team in there and whilst i'm a deeply devoted member of the tifosi i also have eyes for this UK based team who have stood for progress and intelligence above the rest of the field. Honda F1 was the first team to publicly address the environmental issues around the sport and they are constantly at the forefront of the media savvy pack. A truely championship worthy team and brand. If i managed to combine my love for f1 with my love for design i could happily retire knowing i've achieved as much as anyone could ask for.

4. De La Warr Pavillion
This one is an unexpected selection to follow 3 global brands. But the De La Warr Pavillion stands out as a modernist masterpiece on the South Coast. I've only been twice, but both times I had to spend hours walking around photographing, grabbing all the literature i could and checking out the exhibitions. It's a lot of different things to different people, but to me it's a beacon of refined design and architecture along our gaudy coast.

5. A University
ok this is a bit random and generic, but i've always really wanted to get more involved with a university. We have placements here on a fairly regular basis and i do whatever i can to help design students and tutors. I had really wanted to rebrand Northbrook, as i went there and it really needs it. But Chichester is ramping up it's design provision, so i be more than excited to get involved there.

Others i considered
My plan was always to make it five clients, which meant i had to leave out a number of other really great brands i want to work with including...
Gucci - amazing brand. i love gucci and it's whole approach. they should really be in the top five by the reason i didn't include them is that they don't seem to outsource any design, which i guess is to be expected from an organisation that guard's it's style so closely.
Odeon - love film, yes i do
Mothercare - a really great brand, but i think nbstudio has it all sewn up these days. still would be nice to work with.