Landor - all aboard.

Branding giants Landor have given their site an update since i last looked. It's a bit business heavy for my liking. You really have to dig to see the work and even when you get down to it massive brand projects like bmi only give you two images, which seems a shame for such a broad undertaking.

The best thing about the new site is that they've detailed Walter Landor's iconic decision to move the entire agency on to a boat in San Fran Harbour. What a legend. How impressive would that be as an office? I would love to work somewhere that exciting. I bet they were beating away the clients who wanted to come in for a meeting on the poop deck.

Having notable offices has a really big impact on clients and their perception of your success and ability. Even the most brilliant creatives will struggle to get clients on side if they work out of a rat hole.

If you have the time I recommend having a read.

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