difficult, is worth doing - The Verdict

Well it seemed liked it was live. There was no glamour or production sheen that we've come to expect from modern broadcast ads. In fact the roughness of it was quite jarring initially.

Once the jump got underway it was really exciting viewing. I was gripped watching to see if the skydiving team could pull it off. The shots of them breaking through the clouds from above was fantastic and at times it felt like you've jumped with them.

There was no soundtrack and no great end shot. Just the Honda, Power of Dreams type slapped over the top of a field. I'm not saying that was a bad thing, perhaps this is the first in a series of live ads. Possibly Honda and 4creative have started something, after all every ad was live in the beginning.

The end card did carry a 'watch again at...' url push, but to be honest i watched it ten minutes ago and i can't remember it. As the Honda site is slow as a dead snail it's probably going to pop up on youtube by the morning. But if your pushing a web address on a highly publicised broadcast spot my advice would be to make sure as hell it's been uploaded, hoping you've got a grace period of a few hours or minutes is not going to cut it.

Overall a very brave strike in a new direction for advertising. A bit raw, but hats off to Honda and 4creative for pushing a bold new idea in to fruition. Honda really has surpassed any other car maker in it's brand work.