Design Week - letter / rant

here is my recent rant/sarccy letter to design week...

- - - - - - - -

Yeah Viva La Revolution!. I’m fully behind Kenneth Grange’s charge on bad design. I relish the day when a raging rabble of Howies wearing designers brandishing the latest copy of Wallpaper as weapons storms the offices of Microsoft. Bring on the public trials of those who have offended our eyes and let us come together for a healthy round of laughter at those less intelligent than our selves.

However before we set off on our quest to rid the world of centre aligned Comic Sans, perhaps we should ask exactly who is going to determine what is ‘good design’?

Don’t get me wrong I am fully in support of us using the opportunities we have as designers to influence our clients responsibly. But good design cannot be determined by an elitist group of practitioners and should be handed over to the public to decide. How about we follow Hilary Cottam's lead and come together to find ways of connecting our industry with local governments and communities.

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