Amazon updates

The old girl of the web Amazon has had a little nip and tuck.

This site is huge, it gets mahoosive amounts of traffic and has stood as a testiment to e-commerce, however it's design, build and general usability have never been shining examples of design at its best. From the outside the task of updating this site seems like one i would not take lightly, but if anyone is in a position to invest in this process it would be amazon.

The updates are nothing to write home about. The nav has moved to the left and uses a rollover to show secondary level categories. Nothing that is going to win design awards, but i do like the fact they have made a feature of the redesign with this page. It also gives you the chance to offer feedback on the change.

A welcome and much needed update, but could try much harder. Please see BBC homepage for examples of how to adopt new technology to mainstream, high volume sites. Also the guardian for examples of deep content levels with clean, uncluttered layouts.