what makes a creative director great ?

not good! great. good creative directors usually come from talented designers, art directors or copywriters. but what sets apart the great ones? the ones that students have heard of and the ones that young creatives aspire to be like.

if you look back at notable creative directors the ones who make it above the creative industry and out in to the general public more often than not those ones have huge personalities and idiosyncrasies that make them stand out as individuals. when david ogilvy started his agency in new york and begun to pull in the clients he made a concerted effort to play up english stereotypes by wearing tweed and insisting the whole agency had an afternoon tea break. all of this behaviour became part of his legend. had he not been such a noticeable personality would he have attracted the clients and attention that he ultimately did?

in today's creative industry there are a number of larger than life characters who are cutting their own paths to the top of the mixed metaphor pile. campaign magazine even has a tounge in cheek top 10 each year for the ad industry.

all of these routes to industry superstardom involve a great deal of hard work and shameless self promotion. nobody that you've heard of has ever been plucked from their quiet studio and thrust unwillingly in to the limelight. it takes dedication. dedication to shoving yourself out there and making as much noise as possible. dedication to getting up there on stage in front of your peers. dedication to putting your opinion out there and dedication to unabashedly being yourself and risking ridicule at the hands of your industry.

so what makes a great creative director? it comes down to giving people something to write about. if your not memorable you'll never be remembered.