On and off since late January I've been ill. Nothing major, just a cold here, cough there, ear infections etc annoying little bugs that seem to lead to something else. Generally i don't usually do anything more than get juiced up on Lemsip and carry on as usual. But last week it hit me harder than before, to the point my breathing became restricted and i fell apart.

Under duress i went to the doctor. She told me i had a cold, an ear infection and a Bronticial infection and immediately signed me off for the week. I can't remember the last time i had a whole week off work due to illness. It was a bit of a shocker. The doctor told me, in no uncertain terms, i wasn't taking good enough care of myself and i needed to rest and take medication to beat this.

So after a week of staring at the walls and finding ways to amuse myself i'm well enough to be back at work. Lesson learnt; don't forget to take care of yourself, a small break to recooperate is better than not stopping and letting it take you out for longer.