Pitch Day


It's cold and everyone is asleep. It must be a pitch day. An Account Director will tell you 'it's a brisk start'. It's not brisk. It's cold and everyone is asleep.

I'm greeted at Gatwick airport by a team of fifty helpful attendants. I'm assuming it's part of BAA's attempt to show everyone they are not useless, what seemed an unfair battering they received when Terminal 5 open at Heathrow. As i enter the North Terminal I'm told by Gavin, the helpful Gatwick attendant, that my flight goes out of the South Terminal. I'm quite sure I was told North when i booked. Gavin checks it's North. Thanks Gavin. Maybe BAA deserved the battering after all.

Plane leaves LGW for Newquay. The flight takes just over an hour, leaving time for me and Nick to have an impromptu management meeting.

We arrive at the client's office and get a tour of the design and marketing studio, sales team, operations and staff kitchen/hang out area. We are then shown to the the room where are pitch is taking place and left alone to prepare and wait for the client.

Richard rearranges the chairs for the presentation.

Richard rearranges the chairs again for the presentation.

Richard rearranges the chairs once more for the presentation.

Clients arrive and move all the chairs back.

Everyone is in. Hands are shaken and the presentation commences.

Food arrives mid pitch and we break for a slightly akward food frenzy.

Presentation recommences

We are done. Time to pack up and leave the client to carry on with their busy week and mull over our proposals.

We head for Westgate Watergate bay for a well earned beverage. The sun comes out and the sea view is stunning. Our terrace overlooks the beach and Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. We easily lapse in to the usual pitch analysis conversations. Richard and i swap Ogilvy stories.

Newquay airport. We check in. Have our shoes removed. Money, watch, belt and phones scanned. Then we have the privelege of paying an 'airport development fee'. Maybe i'm being a little selfish here, but i don't know why i'm not allowed to fly out of this airport with the ticket i've already paid for, unless i pay money towards some mystery development.

Flight is delayed. So we amuse ourselves at Newquay airport the only way we know how. We drink.

Flight lands at Gatwick

Trains back to brighton are delayed. Standing at Haywards Heath station i begin to wonder if i added up the amount of time i've spent alone, waiting for delayed trains, exactly how long it would take for me to want to kill someone.

I'm back in Brighton. It's cold and everyone is asleep. It must be a pitch day.