Modernista - The web moves on

I was around for the early days of the web. Everything moved at an alarming rate. We all worked very hard to find and keep up with the latest techniques and thinking. Since then it has found it's pace and progress has slowed. Over the past few years my passion for the web has cooled significantly. Largely because it's been a really long time since anything has caught my eye. Since anything has made me think i've seen something new.

This week i came across Modernista! (via the article in Creative Review). It's a site for a Boston based creative agency. The only thing that is on their site is the menu. The whole of the content is hosted elsewhere. The biog is on Wikipedia, the news is on Google, the print work is on Flickr, the broadcast work is on youtube etc etc. It might initially sound lazy, but it's absolutely genius. I'm a huge fan and when i saw the site, the little flag went up in my brain to say 'this is it, this is the next step'. i applaud Modernista for it's bold use of the web.

Visit the Modernista! site now
(yes the ! is part of their name)