Mad Men

I've been watching BBC's mad men (as well as it's supporting documentaries) and i've started to really obsess over it now. It started slowly, but strong and is quickly turning in to my favourite programme. How can i not be drawn in to a glamorous show about a creative director!

The attention to detail is frightening. The production crew clearly have done extensive homework. Not only are there are references to key moments in advertising from the era, but it seems the writers and producers have a firm grip on the advertising industry and the ongoing dynamics between departments and roles. Many of the values have changed in today's industry, but it's funny to see how much has remained the same. From the production meetings to the interplay and tensions between account teams and creative teams.

If you don't facy staying up for it, you can watch it on the iplayer, but i recommend you invest some time in this programme. There is an ever increasing amount of crap being pumped out through out tv's right now. So it's refreshing to find something of real high value.