BBC - sort your house out!

There is no question, the BBC site is massive. It's a sprawling monster of a site that has
more traffic and more people to keep happy than most every site in the world. I am in no way naive to the fact that housekeeping on a site that huge is a mighty task.

Much has been written about the new homepage. When it was launched in it's beta form every blogger under the sun had a review to give and it seems the BBC have done very little to capture anyone's comments and feedback as the new homepage seems to be almost exactly the same as the beta version.

This week it has started integrating the rest of the site in to the new format. But disappointingly it seems quite happy to take it's time over the matter. The news front page has had a facelift, but you don't have to make more than one click to find the old format site lurking under there. For me this is a real let down. I understand that it's a huge site, but if you are one of the world's most visited web locations i for one would want to make sure it was consistent and in order before i went tinkering about with it again.

This slow trudge through the updates will probably take years to cover the site's full depth. By which time the homepage will probably have been redesigned three more times. I would much rather they concentrated on making the site better overall, instead of trying to jam in new features. It's like starting a new DIY project before the last five have been finished. That's just bad housekeeping.